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Evolutionary theory based research shows that women and men may differ in their responses to sexual and emotional infidelity. The present research sought to determine how the mate value characteristics of rivals affect the levels of emotional reaction men and women experience with these types of infidelity. Women were expected to report higher levels of upset when their male partners committed infidelity with an attractive rather than an unattractive woman while men were expected to experience the most upset when their female partners committed sexual infidelity with a male rival regardless of the rival's financial status. The results were partially consistent with these hypotheses. Women were most upset by their partner's sexual infidelity regardless of the attractiveness of their female rival and more upset by their partner's emotional infidelity with an attractive woman. Men were most upset with their partner's commission of sexual infidelity regardless of the financial status of their male rival. These findings are discussed in terms of prior research examining sex differences in jealousy and intrasexual competition.

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Socioeconomic status and health: The challenge of the gradient American Psychologist 49 15 24 . L L Betzig

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Authors: Johan Bollen, Marko A. Rodriquez and Herbert Van de Sompel


The status of an actor in a social context is commonly defined in terms of two factors: the total number of endorsements the actor receives from other actors and the prestige of the endorsing actors. These two factors indicate the distinction between popularity and expert appreciation of the actor, respectively. We refer to the former as popularity and to the latter as prestige. These notions of popularity and prestige also apply to the domain of scholarly assessment. The ISI Impact Factor (ISI IF) is defined as the mean number of citations a journal receives over a 2 year period. By merely counting the amount of citations and disregarding the prestige of the citing journals, the ISI IF is a metric of popularity, not of prestige. We demonstrate how a weighted version of the popular PageRank algorithm can be used to obtain a metric that reflects prestige. We contrast the rankings of journals according to their ISI IF and their Weighted PageRank, and we provide an analysis that reveals both significant overlaps and differences. Furthermore, we introduce the Y-factor which is a simple combination of both the ISI IF and the weighted PageRank, and find that the resulting journal rankings correspond well to a general understanding of journal status.

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Authors: Lajos Döbrőssy, Ágnes Cornides, Attila Kovács and András Budai

, 4, 58–63. Iljazović, E.: Cervical cancer incidence and HPV status in Bosnia and Herzegovina: current situation. In: Abstract book. Proceedings of the 2nd Congress of Pathologists in Bosnia and Herzegovina with

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Authors: M. Anke, M. Seifert, Sylvia Holzinger, R. Müller and U. Schäfer

., Arnhold, W., Müller, R., Angelow, L. (2001) Nutrients, macro, trace and ultratrace elements in the food chain of mouflons and their mineral status. Second part: Trace elements. In: Náhlik, A., Uloth, W. (eds) 3 rd International Symposium on Mouflon

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Authors: I. Rurik, E. Gyömörei, L. Biró, K. Nagy, A. Regöly-Mérei and M. Antal

Baykan, M., Çelik, S., Örem, A., Malkoc, M., Erdöl, C., Baykan, E. C., Örem, C. & Karahan, B. (2001): Iron status and its relationship with lipid peroxidation in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Acta Cardiol. , 56 , 277

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Authors: Mihály Bereczky, Andrea Regöly-Mérei, Györgyi Arató, Géza Telek, Zsolt Pallai, Andrea Lugasi and Magda Antal

Giacomo, C., Acquaviva, R., Lanteri, R. et al.: Nonprotein Antioxidant Status in Plasma of Subjects with Colon Cancer. Exp. Biol. Med., 2003, 228 , 525–528. Lanteri R. Nonprotein

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Authors: Irena Jug, Danijel Jug, Vlado Kovacevic, Bojan Stipesevic and Ivan Zugec

371 388 Kovacevic V., Brkic I., Banaj D., Antunovic M., Simic D., Petosic D. (2004): Magnesium status in corn (Zea mays L.) hybrids and its relations to potassium and calcium

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Kontroverse. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main, 13–128. Hartman, Moshe (1974): On the Definition of Status Inconsistency. American Journal of Sociology 80(3), 706–721. Honneth, Axel (1994): Kampf um

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Authors: D. Banaj, V. Kovacevic, D. Simic, M. Seput and B. Stojic

Kovacevic V., Banaj D., Brkic I., Antunovic M., Petosic D. (2004a): Fertilization impacts on the yield and nutritional status of maize (Zea mays L.). Cereal Res. Comm. 32(3) 403–410. Petosic D

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