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Alanine- and taurine-salicylal Schiff base complexes of magnesium

Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
Authors: S. Luan, Y. Zhu, and Y. Jia


The complexes of α-alanine-salicylal Schiff base of magnesium (α-ASSM), β-alanine-salicylal Schiff base of magnesium (β-ASSM) and taurine-salicylal Schiff base of magnesium (TSSM) were synthesized. The formulae of the complexes are Mg[OC6H4CHNCH(CH3)COO]·2H2O, Mg[OC6H4CHNCH2CH2COO]·2H2O and Mg[OC6H4CHNCH2CH2SO3]·2H2O. The crystal structure belongs to orthorhombic system with the lattice parameters: a=1.6954 nm, b=2.0873 nm and c=2.3037 nm for the β-ASSM, to orthorhombic system with the lattice parameters: a=1.5586 nm, b=1.8510 nm and c=2.6240 nm for the β-ASSM, to monoclinic system with the lattice parameters: a=1.3232 nm, b=1.4960 nm, c=2.1543 nm and β=98.04° for the TSSM, respectively. The results of the thermal decomposition processes and infrared spectra of the complexes show that the complexes may possess different coordination structures.

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Introduction Taurine (2-aminothanesulfonic acid, CASRE 107–35–7) is an essential sulfur-containing non-protein amino acid. It is one of the most abundant of the low molecular weight organic constituents in brain and heart for

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To the Editor, In a recent article appearing in this Journal, Han et al. [ 1 ] reported the specific heat capacity and standard molar combustion of taurine. There are several errors in the paper, and the quality of the measured

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Dear William E. Acree, Jr and Editor, Thank you for your comments concerning “Determination of specific heat capacity and standard molar combustion enthalpy of taurine by DSC.” We had modified the original manuscript and submitted the

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® ) Society recommendations. Clin. Nutr., 2012, 31 (6), 817–830. Yanagita, T., Han, S. Y., Hu, Y., et al.: Taurine reduces the secretion of apolipoprotein B100 and lipids in HepG2 cells. Lipids Health Dis., 2008, 7, 38

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6 379 394 Suleiman, M. S.: New concepts in the cardioprotective action of magnesium and taurine during the calcium paradox and

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Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Authors: Caner Öztürk, Şükrü Güngör, Mehmet Bozkurt Ataman, Mustafa Numan Bucak, Nuri Başpinar, Pınar Ili, and Muhammed Enes Inanç

. Chhillar , S. , Singh , V. K. , Kumar , R. and Atreja , S. K. ( 2012 ): Effects of taurine or trehalose supplementation on functional competence of cryopreserved Karan Fries semen . Anim. Reprod. Sci. 135 , 1 – 7

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Attila Vaskó, Tamás Végh, István László, István Takács, Mária Szilasi, and Béla Fülesdi

864 Yucel, O., Kunak, Z. I., Macit, E. és mtsai: Protective efficiacy of taurine against pulmonary edema progression: experimental study. J. Cardiothorac. Surg., 2008, 3

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51 56 Nandhini, T. A., Anuradha, C. V. (2003) Inhibition of lipid peroxidation protein glycation and elevation of membrane ion pump activity by taurine in red blood cells

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combination of caffeine and taurine has no effect on short-term memory but induces changes in heart rate and mean arterial blood pressure. Amino Acids, 2006, 31 , 471–476. Harris M. A

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