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Authors: Rozália Pusztai, Angéla Lukácsi and Ida Kovács

, S. P.: Cytomegalovirus transmission among children in day care, their mothers and caretakers. Pediatr Infect Dis J 7 , 279 (1988). Cytomegalovirus transmission among children in day care, their mothers and caretakers

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Authors: Ferenc D. Tóth, Attila Bácsi, Zoltán Beck and et al.

and the relative contributions of intra-uterine and intra-partum transmission. AIDS 9 , F7 (1995) The sensitivity of HIV-1 DNA polymerase chain reaction in the neonatal period and the relative contributions of intra

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: their bionomics, pathogen transmission and management in vineyards. In: N. J. Bostanian, C. Vincent and R. Isaacs (eds): Arthropod Management in Vineyards: Pests, Approaches and Future

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dimensional mathematical model of heat transmission of building structures (in Hungarian) Hungarian Research Found OTKA T 038336, 2006. William S. J. Engineering heat transfer , Second Edition, CRC Press, New

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Authors: László Kátai, Péter Szendrő and Péter Gárdonyi

, Analytical model for the power losses in rubber V-belt continuously variable transmission (CVT) , Mechanism and Machine Theory , 78 ( 2014 ), pp. 289 – 306 . [2] H

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Authors: Liu Shengkan, Xu Qigao, Bao Guanxiong, Zhu Yuzhen, Su Weining and Zhang Zhiping


A transmission gauge using neutron- ray beam to measure two parameters simultaneously is reported. In the first place, it was used to measure the moisture m and the mass M of the choir-pottery material sample. The m and M are functions of the neutron transmissivity Tn and the -ray transmissivity T. The parameters of the function relationship can be got by the experiment calibration. Through the practical examination, the measured precision for the mass is 0.4g, for the moisture is 0.1%.

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): Transmission of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus by Thrips tabaci populations originating from leek. Plant Pathology 48, 700–706. Peters D. Transmission of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus

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Authors: Ernst-Jürgen Finke, Wolfgang Beyer, Ulrike Loderstädt and Hagen Frickmann

epidemic process of anthrax and possible routes of transmission on military personnel in endemic areas [ 6, 7, 27, 28, 31, 36, 38, 41, 43, 56, 57, 59–61, 87, 88, 173, 209, 275 ] The pathogen and molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity The causative agent is a

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transmission of maize mosaic virus on sweet maize in New Jersey. In: Maize (maize) Viruses in the Continental United States and Canada. US Dept. Agric. Agric. Res. Serv. (Pub), pp. 33–118 and pp. 145–153. Hill, J

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Authors: Balázs Nemes, É. Toronyi, K. Rajczy, A. Szakos, B. Somlai, A. Doros, R. Chmel, F. Derner and L. Kóbori

I.C. Carmody A.J. Cohen 2009 Donor transmission of malignant melanoma to a liver graft recipient: Case report and literature review

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