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longitudinal sample of first-year undergraduate students. Attachment Parent–child attachment is critical for a child's positive development. According to Bowlby's (1982) attachment theory , parents' initial response to children

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The present study investigates the rhetorical structure of theoretical research article introductions written by undergraduate students in the field of English linguistics and literature. The aim of the study was to see if English-language introductions written by Hungarian students majoring in English conformed to those typically written by native speakers, and to examine if two disciplines, English literature and linguistics observe different conventions in terms of rhetorical structure in introductions. The findings suggest that although on the whole the Hungarian introductions displayed the elements typically identified in research articles written by native expert writers, discipline-specific variations emerged.

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This study investigates the bank selection criteria of undergraduate students who are future potential customers of banks from different regions of the world in a small island economy by comparing the selection factors of international students for the first time. Survey results of 258 respondents show that there are not huge differences in the bank selection factors between Turkish and non-Turkish international students in the case of a state university in North Cyprus. “Availability and convenient location of ATM services” and “speed and quality of service” are the most important factors for considering banks and their services for both Turkish and non-Turkish undergraduate students.

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Every year the library of IIUM subscribes to quite a number of online databases with huge expenses but the utilization of these databases is countable. 10 out of 53 subscriptions have been terminated by 2015 to save the cost go in vain. The purpose of this paper is to develop a model based on the ISB elements to identify the reason behind this low usage and to increase the usage of online databases in the future. It has undertaken a quantitative approach to identify the elements of ISB among undergraduate (UG) students. The primary data has been collected through questionnaires based on the variables identified in the objective. There are 118 samples participating in this research and the proposed model has been adapted from Savolainen and Wilson. Psychological perception, searching strategies and the information resources have been considered as the independent variable and measured the usage of the online database among UG students as the dependent variable. The results have shown that there are seven elements which have an influence on the usage of the online database among IIUM UG students. Despite the limited number of samples and a specific group of students, the proposed model can enhance the usage of online database system subscribed to by IIUM library and a search engine can be developed to get the usage increased. In that sense, it is recommended to involve more participants from the different levels of students and users to get diverse elements of ISB. However, the paper contributes to bridging the gap between the online database usage and the users, believed to have an effective outcome for online database subscription. It is hoped that the proposed model would significantly fill this gap and help the library to increase the number of users for their expensive databases.

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A comparative analysis carried out on the literature citation characteristics of two sets of Mexican research documents produced in the veterinary field-the undergraduate thesis and the research journal article-revealed distinct patterns of literature usage on the part of the authors. It is suggested that the differences reflect the relative qualities of the research undertaken by two populations with distinct research competence and experience.

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Acta Alimentaria
Authors: J. Goon, C. Choor, R. Ainaa, X. Sze, M. Syahriah, M. Syamimi, S. Rashidi, M. Mardiyanna, and J. Zakiah

Honey is a dietary antioxidant as it contains phenolic compounds, such as flavonoids and phenolic acids. Antioxidants are non-nutritive, biologically active ingredients in food that reduce oxidative stress. The antioxidant content in each type of honey varies depending on its source. This study was aimed to determine the effect of Nenas honey supplementation on the oxidative status of a group of healthy medical students. They were divided into two groups; control (n=10) and supplemented (n=13), where 1 tablespoon of Nenas honey was given each day. Blood sampling was done at baseline, 1st and 2nd month of the study for determination of DNA damage and antioxidant enzyme activities, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidise (GPx), and catalase (CAT). Results showed that Nenas honey increased the level of DNA damage at the 1st month but reduced it significantly at the 2nd month as compared to control. GPx and CAT activities also decreased significantly with honey supplementation throughout the study, though no changes were observed in SOD activity. Fasting glucose levels remained within the normal range with honey supplementation. In conclusion, Nenas honey decreases oxidative stress which leads to a reduction of antioxidant enzyme activities in the body.

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Journal of Behavioral Addictions
Authors: Natale Canale, Tania Moretta, Luca Pancani, Giulia Buodo, Alessio Vieno, Mario Dalmaso, and Joël Billieux

psychopathy-related personality traits. To address this gap in the literature, we aimed in the present study to provide the first comprehensive test of the pathway model of PSU in young adults (e.g. undergraduate students) by considering the specific

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in Turkish language. Participants Participants were undergraduate students from several public universities in Turkey. In the first phase of the study, the adapted Turkish form was administered to 433 university students

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tolbutamide [ 10 ] led by another undergraduate student, was presented by the undergraduate student at a national conference on thermal analysis in September 2005 as a podium presentation at the conference and manuscript on the conference disc. A third

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