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Archaeologiai Értesítő
Authors: Katalin Sebők, Norbert Faragó, Zsigmond Hajdú, Alexandra Anders, Pál Raczky, and Judit Kovács

Most of the 68 wells uncovered on the single-layer horizontal settlement lying adjacent to the tell at Polgár-Csőszhalom did not contain any unusual finds. A few wells, however, yielded remarkable assemblages that can be interpreted as intentional, structured depositions. One of these was Feature 272, a well lying some 80–90 m from the one-time water shore, which contained a remarkably high number of vessels, most of which were lavishly ornamented. The form and the contents of this well suggest that it represents the archaeological imprint of a series of ritual acts performed according to a set of strict rules and the structured deposition of the ritual paraphernalia.

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Literaturverzeichnis 1. Dunn , H. 1959 . High Level Wellness for Man and Society . American Journal of Public Health , 786–792. http

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Introduction Well performance testing is widely used to determine the productivity of oil wells. Historically, the oil industry has relied on traditional methods for individual well flow monitoring. The first and the widespread

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Disentangling phonological well-formedness and attestedness

An ERP study of onset clusters in English

Acta Linguistica Academica
Authors: James White and Faith Chiu

– 373 . Goldsmith , John . 1976 . Autosegmental phonology . Doctoral dissertation . MIT . Hay , Jennifer , Janet B. Pierrehumbert and Mary E. Beckman . 2004 . Speech perception, well-formedness and the statistics of the lexicon . In J

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Banerjee M 1997: On the studies of parameters of aquifers having large diameter wells. Report of Minor Research UGC (India) funded Project No. R/Dev/Scheme No. 805(D)/95-96/18590, 1

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goals and subjective well-being: a longitudinal study. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 65: 1061–1070. Chan, R., Joseph, S. (2000): Dimensions of personality, domains of aspirations, and subjective well

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Central European Geology
Authors: Péter Bajcsi, Tamás Bozsó, Róbert Bozsó, Gábor Molnár, Viktor Tábor, Imre Czinkota, Tivadar M. Tóth, Balázs Kovács, Félix Schubert, Gábor Bozsó, and János Szanyi

. — PhD thesis, 333 p., . Bellarby , J. 2009 : Well Completion Design . — Elsevier, Amsterdam , pp. 378 – 390

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Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica
Authors: Andrea Németh, Barbara Szirányi, Gergely Krett, Endre Janurik, Tünde Kosáros, Ferenc Pekár, Károly Márialigeti, and Andrea Borsodi

the well waters of Harkány Spa. Acta Microbiol Imm H 60 , 329–343 (2013). Borsodi AK Spatial and temporal changes of bacterial communities inhabiting the well waters of Harkány Spa

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Orvosi Hetilap
Authors: Enikő Lakatos, Gábor Szabó, Judit F. Szigeti, and Piroska Balog

., Middelburg, K. J., Heineman, M. J., et al.: The impact of IVF/ICSI on parental well-being and anxiety 1 year after childbirth. Hum. Reprod., 2012, 27 (8), 2389–2395. Cserepes, R. E., Kőrösi, T., Bugán, A

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Dobróka M 1995: Establishment of joint inversion algorithms in well-logging data interpretation. Scientific study, University of Miskolc, Department of Geophysics Establishment of joint inversion algorithms in well

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