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Two of the most significant innovations of the fourth millennium BC were the invention of the wheel and of wheeled vehicles, which led to other major innovations during the Late Copper Age. Discussed here are the major milestones and advances in research on wheeled vehicles, problems of dating, and the issues relating to the actual place of the invention of wheeled vehicles as well as the fruitful collaboration between various analytical disciplines and archaeology concerned with the study of wheels and early wheeled vehicles.

I have collected the finds relating to wheels and wheeled vehicles. It would appear that the invention of the wheel and of wheeled conveyances occurred in different centres. Even though we are unable to date the creation of the very first vehicle to the year, it seems quite certain that wheeled vehicles appeared more or less simultaneously in several regions in the fourth millennium BC.

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37 41 BAKKER, J. A.-KRUK, J.-LANTING, A. E.-MILISAUSKAS, S. 1999 The earliest evidence of wheeled vehicles in Europe and the Near East. Antiquity 73 (1999) 778

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orvostudomány története.] Medicina Könyvkiadó, Budapest, 2009. [Hungarian] 6 Parpola A. Proto-Indo-European speakers of the Late Tripolye culture as the inventors of wheeled vehicles

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something to do with a wheeled vehicle. Another modern etymology connectes the word with plectere, which suits the ancient definition capsa in cisio better. Now crates stercoriae, apparently the same as sirpeae, are known from Cato and Varro as

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fact that different words may represent the same general meaning in a specific domain or situation. For example ‘motor vehicle’ and ‘automotive vehicle’ can be seen as general synonyms, as they both describe “a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does

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