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Sacrificing – Feasting – Cursing

Rituals in the Magna Mater Sanctuaries of Kempraten (Switzerland) and Mainz (Germany). An Interdisciplinary Approach

Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Author: Pirmin Koch


During rescue excavations between 2009 and 2013 carried out at the periphery of the vicus at Kempraten (municipality of Rapperswil-Jona, St. Gallen, Switzerland) a Gallo-Roman sanctuary, dating from the second quarter of the 2nd to the end of the 3rd century AD, was unearthed. The excavation included intense sampling for geoarchaeology and archaeobiology, which prompted the Archaeology Department of Canton St. Gall (KASG) to launch an interdisciplinary project. Four curse tablets attest to the cult of Magna Mater in the sanctuary at Kempraten.

This paper presents the first results of the interdisciplinary study and compares them to the Magna Mater sanctuary at Mainz (Germany), focusing on 1. the layout of the sanctuary, 2. sacrificing, 3. feastings and 4. cursing. The comparison between both sites showed that there was no strict setting of rituals in the cult of Magna Mater, but the importance of cursing and of burnt sacrifices is characteristic for both sites. Summing up: The temple precinct at Kempraten had a specific setting, which showed on one hand local and regional influences, for instance in terms of the temple architecture and the choice of food offerings. On the other hand, distinct differences between the Kempraten sanctuary and local Gallo-Roman sanctuaries can be observed, for instance in relation to cursing, the composition and the importance of the burnt offerings.

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Állattartók a Neolitikumtól a késő bronzkorig

Esettanulmány Budapest XVII. kerület Rákoscsaba–Major-hegy Dél lelőhely állatcsontleletei kapcsán

Archaeologiai Értesítő
Author: P Csippán

– 338 . D iscamps , E mmanuel – C ostamagno , S andrine 2015 Improving mortality profile analysis in zooarchaeology: a revised zoning for ternary diagrams

Open access

–18. Bartosiewicz 2001a = L. Bartosiewicz : Archaeozoology or zooarchaeology? A problem from the last century. APolona 39 (2001) 75–86. Bartosiewicz L. Archaeozoology or zooarchaeology? A

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