Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle
Hungarian Journal of Psychology - A Magyar Pszichológiai Társaság Folyóirata

The journal publishes the latest results in Hungary, and occasionally studies by foreign authors. The studies cover the following fields of research: general and evolutionary, medical, pedagogical, social psychology, psychology of art, criminal psychology, etc. Papers in Hungarian with English summaries.

Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle uses a strictly anonymous double-blind peer review process where submitted manuscripts are evaluated by two independent external reviewers.

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  • Psychology (miscellaneous) SJR Quartile Score (2018): Q4
  • Scimago Journal Rank (2018): 0.169
  • SJR Hirsch-Index (2018): 6

Senior editors

Editor(s)-in-Chief: Fülöp, Márta

Chair of the Editorial Board:
Molnár, Márk

          Area Editors

  • Bereczkei Tamás (Evolutionary psychology)
  • Demetrovics Zsolt (Clinical psychology)
  • Egyed Katalin (Developmental psychology)
  • Hámori Eszter (Clinical child psychology)
  • Molnárné Kovács Judit (Social psychology)
  • Rózsa Sándor (Personality psychology and psychometrics)
  • Nguyen Luu Lan Anh (Cross-cultural psychology)
  • Pléh Csaba (Book Review)
  • Sass Judit (Industrial and organizational psychology)
  • Szabó Éva (Educational psychology)
  • Urbán Róbert (Health psychology)
  • Csákvári judit (Psychology of special education)
  • Faragó Klára (Organizational psychology)
  • Szabolcs Kéri (Experimental and Neuropsychology)


        Editorial Board

  • Császár Noémi
  • Csépe Valéria
  • Dúll Andrea
  • Ehmann Bea
  • Erős Ferenc
  • Gervai Judit
  • Kiss Enikő Csilla
  • Kiss Paszkál
  • Mészáros Judit
  • Németh Dezső
  • Oláh Attila
  • Péley Bernadette
  • Perczel-Forintos Dóra
  • Révész György
  • Winkler István
  • Molnár Márk
  • Fülöp Márta


Secretary of the editorial board: 

  •  Saád Judit


Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle
ELTE PPK Pszichológiai Intézet
Address: H-1064 Budapest, Izabella u. 46.

Language: Hungarian

Founded in 1928
Publication: One volume of four issues annually
Publication Programme: 2020. Vol. 75.
Indexing and Abstracting Services:

  • PsycINFO


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