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  • 1 University of Belgrade, Bulevar oslobođenja 18, Belgrade,, Serbia
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  • 3 University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia
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The aim of this work was to study the topography, morphology, vascularisation, histology and innervation of the lungs in the ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus) and compare these data with those concerning the rat, mole rat, rabbit and mouse. The research was carried out on 15 animals. It was revealed that the right lung has four lobes (cranial, middle, caudal and accessory lobes), while the left lung is not divided into segments. The functional vessels are a. pulmonalis dextra et sinistra and vv. pulmonales (5–6), while the nutritive vessels of the lungs are a. bronchoesophagea dextra and v. bronchoesophagea dextra. Histological tissue sections of the lungs revealed that the wall of terminal bronchioles contains no cartilage and the mucosal epithelium is pseudostratified, cubic and ciliated. Clara cells (club cells, bronchiolar exocrine cells) are present but have no cilia. The lung alveolar diameter is 37 μm on average, and the thickness of the alveolar wall and the interalveolar septa is 1.38 μm. Destruction of the alveolar walls, accumulation of erythrocytes in the capillaries of alveolar septa and destruction of the cytolemma of the capillary endothelium were detected. In addition, connective tissue fibres and peripheral nerves were detected by silver impregnation.

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