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To a branched cover f between orientable surfaces one can associate a certain branch datumD(f), that encodes the combinatorics of the cover. This D(f) satisfies a compatibility condition called the Riemann-Hurwitz relation. The old but still partly unsolved Hurwitz problem asks whether for a given abstract compatible branch datum D there exists a branched cover f such that D(f)=D. One can actually refine this problem and ask how many these f's exist, but one must of course decide what restrictions one puts on such f’s, and choose an equivalence relation up to which one regards them. As it turns out, quite a few natural choices for this relation are possible. In this short note we carefully analyze all these choices and show that the number of actually distinct ones is only three. To see that these three choices are indeed different from each other we employ Grothendieck's dessins d'enfant.

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