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  • 1 National Botanical Research Institute Lucknow, 226001, India
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Govind Wild Life Sanctuary in the Western Himalayas with its diverse vegetation types provides excellent habitats and microclimates for a lush growth of bryophytes. During investigations on the bryophytes of this region Plagiothecium euryphyllum (Cardot et Thér.) Z. Iwats. and P. cavifolium (Brid.) Z. Iwats. have been identified for the first time from India. P. euryphyllum is characterised by bright green to yellowish green plants, irregularly branched, complanate. Central strand developed. Leaves erectopatent, imbricate, ovate oblong, margin entire, acute to acuminate at apex, costa two forked, decurrent with hyaline, rectangular cells. Seta reddish, capsule erect to inclined, while plants of P. cavifolium are yellowish green, glossy, prostrate, irregularly branched, branches julaceous. Leaves appressed to stem, closely imbricate, erectopatent, ovate lanceolate, symmetrical, margin minutely dentate at apex, cells at alar region rectangular costa two short. Seta reddish brown, capsule erect, pyriform. A morpho-taxonomic account of above two taxa is provided.

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