Antik Tanulmányok
Studia Antiqua

This journal publishes original studies on the literature, language, history and material culture of Ancient Greece and Rome as well as articles concerning the Ancient East, medieval Latin language and literature, the history and culture of Byzantium and the reception of Graeco-Roman culture in Hungary.

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  • Literature and Literary Theory SJR Quartile Score (2018): Q3
  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts SJR Quartile Score (2018): Q4
  • Scimago Journal Rank (2018): 0.101
  • SJR Hirsch-Index (2018): 1

Senior editor(s)

Editor(s)-in-Chief: Horváth, László


Editor(s)-in-Chief: Mészáros, Tamás

Editorial Board

  • Adamik, Béla
  • Adorjáni, Zsolt
  • Farkas, Zoltán
  • Juhász, Erika
  • Mayer, Gyula
  • Nagyillés, János
  • Simon, Zoltán
  • Szepessy, Tibor
  • Szovák, Kornél
  • Takács, Levente

Advisory Board

  • Maróth, Miklós
  • Ritoók, Zsigmond
  • Tar, Ibolya

Horváth László
Address: Eötvös József Collegium - Antik Tanulmányok
Address: H-1118 Budapest, Ménesi út 11-13.

Language: Hungarian

Founded in 1954
Publication: One volume of two issues annually
Publication Programme: 2020. Vol. 64.


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