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  • 1 Instituto de Matemática, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Campus de Ondina, Av. Adhemar de Barros, S/N, Ondina, CEP 40170-110 Salvador, BA, Brazil
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With a slight modification of a previous argument due to Schechter, we show that the Axiom of Choice is equivalent to the following topological statement: “If a product of a non-empty family of sets is closed in a topological (Tychonoff) product, then at least one of the factors is closed”. We also discuss the case on which one adds the hypothesis that the closed product of sets is a non-empty set.

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  • [5] Schecther, E. 1992 Two topological equivalents of the Axiom of Choice Zeit. für Math. Logik und Grund. Math. 38 555557 .

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