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  • 1 Veterans Administration Medical Center Medical Research 68105 Omaha Nebraska (USA)
  • 2 University of Nebraska Department of Chemistry 68588-0304 Lincoln Nebraska (USA)
  • 3 Veterans Administration Medical Center Medical Research 38104 Memphis Tennessee (USA)
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A method is described for determination of vanadium in biological tissues. This method consists of a wet digestion of the tissue with nitric acid followed by anion exchange chromatography, neutron irradiation, and radioassay. The chromatographic separation will allow the decontamination of vanadium from radioactivatable sodium and chlorine which are present in large quantities in biological tissues. The validity of the method is evaluated by employing NBS-SRM 157 and 157a Bovine Liver employing the method of standard additions. The method is successfully applied to human, cow and rat liver specimens. The detection limit of the method is one ppb.