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  • 1 L. Eötvös University Laboratory of Nuclear Chemistry P. O. Box 32 H-1518 Budapest Hungary
  • 2 Johannes Gutenberg University Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Mainz FRG
  • 3 L. Eötvös University Structural Chemistry Research Group P. O. Box 117 H-1431 Budapest Hungary
  • 4 Budalakk-Paint and Synthetic Rosin Factory Research Laboratory Dunasor 11 H-1044 Budapest Hungary
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A stacking Mössbauer technique, MMS has been applied for studying thin surface layers. The surface layers formed on the57Fe film in aqueous solutions of corrosion inhibitors, such as zinc phosphate and barium metaborate, and in distilled water was studied by this method. It has been found that the corrosion is much slower in the presence of zinc phosphate and barium metaborate. XPS analysis suggests the formation of a mixed iron zinc phosphate on the surface of the57Fe film after corrosion in a zinc phosphate solution.