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  • 1 University of Missouri Department of Nuclear Engineering Columbia Missouri (USA)
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A preliminary study to evaluate the use of neutron activation analysis for the characterization of six groups of man-made fibers for forensic purposes has been made. A total of 81 samples of acetate, acrylic, modacrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon were analyzed. Small samples, approximately the size typically found during a crime scene search, were analyzed using a Ge(Li) detector system following a 20 min irradiation at a flux of 5·1013 n·cm−2·sec−1. The following elements were determined quantitatively in one or more of the samples: Ti, Sr, Au, Zn, Sb, Br. Mn, Mg, Cu, In, Co, Cu, V, K, Al, Cl, Na, Ca, and S. Significant qualitative and quantitative differences were found both between and within the six groups. However, within certain groups some fibers from different manufacturers showed marked similarities in qualitative and quantitative composition.