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  • 1 Comco Martech ČSFR Martanovičova 25 810 11 Bratislava ČSFR
  • | 2 Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak Technical University Department of Environmental Science Radlinskeho 9 812 37 Bratislava ČSFR
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The subject of this paper was to study Co2+-ion removal from aqueous solutions by means of natural mordenite and clinoptilolite. The mentioned zeolites were of Slovak origin (SFR). The static and dynamic equilibrium adsorption of Co2+-ions by zeolites, the influence of pH, quality and quantity of interfering ions on adsorbate/adsorbent system were investigated. The influence of flow rate, activation and initial concentration on the shape of the breakthrough curve was examined in dynamic regime. Mathematical expression was found for the breakthrough curve description.