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  • 1 Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute Department of Fuel Safety Research, Tokai Research Establishment Tokai-mura Naka-gun 319-11 Ibaraki-ken (Japan)
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The acidity change and solid formation in a simulated high level liquid waste (HLLW) containing precipitate were experimentally examined, when the acidity was reduced from 2M to 0.5M by denitration or simple dilution. The acidity of the simulated HLLW containing precipitate could be adjusted from 2M to around 0.5M by means of denitration or dilution, as well as the case of simulated HLLW without precipitate. The precipitation fractions of Zr, Mo and Te during denitration decreased with increasing amount of the precipitate already contained in the simulated HLLW. The amount of solid formed in the dilute simulated HLLW also decreased with increasing amount of precipitate in the simulated HLLW. Two process flow sheets for preparing HLLW for transuranic elements extraction were developed. One was a denitration process and the other a dilution process.