Author: J. Vučina 1
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  • 1 Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences Laboratory for Radioisotopes P.O. Box 522 11001 Belgrade Yugoslavia
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The radiochemical purity of the three osteopatic ligands:99mTc(Sn)-PyP,99mTc(Sn)-DPD and99mTc(Sn)-MDP has been determined by gel chromatography on Sephadex. The results of the analyses strongly depend on the composition of the eluent. The dilution effect of pure saline as eluent was observed in all the preparations examined. The most sensitive was found to be99mTc(Sn)-PyP. The retention of99mTc activity bound to the gel matrix (99mTc-hydrolyte) was over 30%. The diphosphonates were found to be more stable (retention 10–15%). The retention is substantially lower, i.e. a high recovery of the labeled complexes is obtained when the eluent contains the ligand. The best results are obtained when the eluent contains the same concentrations of ligand and reductant as in the labeled complex. There was no significant difference in the behavior of the given radiopharmaceuticals prepared as a fresh solution and in the freeze-dried kit.