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  • 1 USSR Academy of Sciences V. I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry Moscow (USSR)
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The transfer and separation of the chlorides of a number of rare-earth and actinide elements and their mixtures has been investigated in the flow of gas-carrier along a quartz tube under temperature gradient. The dependence of the position (characteristic temperature) and shape of the condensation (or sorption) peak of cerium chloride in the gradient region of the tube on the amount of substance in the starting zone has been studied. Weight limits determining the behaviour of the substance as micro- or macrocomponent and its transfer by adsorption or condensation mechanism have been established. The mutual effect of elements in the La−Ce, Am−U, Np−U systems has been studied. It is shown that in the case, when the condensation peak of the macrocomponent overlaps the adsorption zone of the microcomponent, the position of the adsorption peak is shifted and the effectivity of the micro- and macrocomponent separation deteriorates in comparison with the separation of microamounts of elements. If the condensation of the macrocomponent occurs in temperature zones distant from that of the microcomponent adsorption, the position of the latter does not change and the degree of purification of the microcomponent increases.