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  • 1 Analytischen Institut der Universität Wien Währinger Straße 38 A-1090 Wien (Österreich)
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The distribution of acid, water, methanol, ethanol and acetone between mixed aqueous-organic nitric acid solutions and solutions of trilaurylammoniumnitrate in cyclohexane has been investigated. The distribution of acid rises with increasing concentrations of nitric acid, methanol, ethanol and acetone in the mixed aqueous-organic phase. The effect of the organic additives in increasing the distribution of the acid is methanol<ethanol<acetone. The concentration of nitric acid in the organic phase can be calculated by a formula similar to that describing the extraction from pure aqueous solutions. The distribution curves of water, methanol and ethanol resemble each other, all of them showing a minimum, when the distribution ration is plotted versus the nitric acid concentration in the mixed aqueous-organic phase. The acetone distribution decreases steadily with increasing nitric acid concentration. The shape of the curves is briefly discussed.