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  • 1 Fudan University Institute of Modern Physics Shanghai 200433 P.R. China
  • | 2 North China Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power Department of Civil Engineering Zhengzhou 450045 P.R. China
  • | 3 Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics Shanghai 201800 P.R. China
  • | 4 Fudan University School of Information Science and Engineering Shanghai 200433 P.R. China
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External-beam PIXE was used for the non-destructive analysis of early glasses unearthed from the tombs of Warring States (475–221BC) and Han Dynasty (BC 206–AD 220) in south China. It was found that these glasses were basically attributed to PbO—BaO—SiO2 system and K2O—SiO2 system. The results from the cluster analysis showed that some glasses had exactly the same recipe. The source of the K2O flux and the correlation between PbO and BaO are discussed. Some archeological information is revealed.