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  • 1 Université Saad DAHLAB Department de Physique BP:270 09400 Blida Algerie
  • 2 Interfaculty Reactor Institute Mekelweg 15 2629 JB Delft The Netherlands
  • 3 Faculté de Physique BP:32 El Alia Bab Ezzouar, Alger Algerie


The CITATION code based on neutron diffusion theory is used for flux calculation inside voluminous sample in prompt gamma activation analysis with an isotopic neutron source (241Am-Be). The code used the specific parameters related to energy spectrum source, irradiation system materials (shielding, reflector, etc.), geometry and elemental composition of the sample. The flux distribution (thermal and fast) was calculated on three-dimensional geometry for the system: source, air, and polyethylene and water cylindrical sample of 125 liters. The thermal flux was calculated in series of points inside the sample, and agreed with the results obtained by measurements with good statistical uncertainty. The maximum thermal flux was measured at distance of 4.1 cm and calculated at 4.3 cm by the CITATION code. Beyond a depth of 7.2 cm, the ratio of thermal flux to fast flux increases up to twice and allows us the optimization of the detection system in the scope of in-situ PGNAA.

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