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  • 1 Lupi Chemical Research Via Casilina 1626/A 00133 Rome Italy
  • | 2 Institute of Chemical Methodologies CNR Via Salaria Km. 29,300 00016 Monterotondo Stazione (Rome) Italy
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C60 fullerene was radiolyzed in toluene solution both in presence of air and in vacuum at four different radiation doses 12, 24, 36, 48 and 96 kGy. Clear evidences of the addition of benzyl radicals to the fullerene cage derive from FT-IR and C13-NMR spectra of the reaction product. In presence of air the interference of oxygen is evident in the FT-IR spectra and from the elemental analysis. A detailed analysis of the kinetics of the multiple addition of benzyl radicals to the fullerene cage was made spectrophotometrically with the determination of the addition rate constants at the each addition step and the average number of benzyl groups added to the fullerene cage as function of the radiation dose.