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  • 1 Texas A and M University Center for Trace Characterization 77843 College Station Texas USA
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The capabilities of reactor neutron and 12 MeV proton activation were evaluted on samples of orchard leaves, beef liver and bovine liver. Based on γ-ray spectrometry, As, Ca, Cu, Fe, Mo, Pb, Sr, Ti, Zn and Zr at levels ranging from 2 to 20 900 ppm were detected following proton activation of 1 hour. Al, Br, Ca, Cl, Cu, Mg, Mn, Rb and V (ranging from 0.4 to 20 900 ppm) were measured by neutron activation (1 min irradiation). As, Ba, Br, Cr, Co, Fe, Hg, La, Na, Rb, Sb and Zn (ranging from 0.2 to 2400 ppm) were determined following a 14 h neutron irradiation. Although covering different elements, the two techniques are comparable in their scope, i. e. detection limits that can be achieved and number of elements that can be detected simultaneously.