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  • 1 University of Maryland Department of Chemistry 20742 College Park Maryland USA
  • | 2 Instituut voor Nucleaire Wetenschappen Proeftuinstraat 86 B-9000 Gent Belgium
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Atmospheric particulate samples were collected at the geographic South pole, using cellulose and polycarbonate filters and cascade impactors. The samples were analysed for 40 elements by instrumental neutron activation analysis. From the filter samples atmospheric concentrations for 33 elements could be obtained. The highest atmospheric concentrations were found for S: 49 ng/standard cubic meter (SCM) of air, Na: 3.3 ng/SCM and Cl: 2.6 ng/SCM. In the cascade impactor samples, only a few elements were observed above blank. For these elements it could be concluded that they are associated for over 80–90% with submicron size paricles.