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  • 1 Konan University Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science Higashinada-ku Kobe Japan
  • | 2 The Osaka Prefective Institute of Public Health Higashinari-ku Osaka Japan
  • | 3 Public Health Research Institute of Kobe City Ikuta-ku Kobe Japan
  • | 4 The Environmental Institute of Hyogo Prefecture Suma-ku Kobe Japan
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A new radiochemical group separation method using APDC reagent in the extraction procedure has been developed. The method has been applied to the radiochemical separation for activated biological samples and also to the preconcentration technique for sea water samples. The transition elements are extracted into chloroform phase from the pH 3.0 aqueous phase and only manganese is subsequently extracted from the pH 7.0 aqueous phase. The validity of the method is demonstrated by analyzing the NBS standard reference materials. In the specimens preconcentrated from the sea water samples adjusted pH to 5.5, vanadium, manganese, copper and zinc can be determined.