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  • 1 Surface Chemistry Laboratory National Research Centre Dokki, Cairo Egypt
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Three DTA peaks (two endo and one exothermic) were replotted in the form of ∑ peak area.Δa, or ∑ peak magnitude,ΔT, as a function of temperature. The integral sigmoid curves were plotted in the form of logg(α) vs. 1/T or log logg(α)/T2vs. 1/T. Both of the proposed summation methods gave satisfactory straight lines (F1 function), characterized by the same activation energies, correlation coefficients and standard deviations. Integration of the peak areas by Simpson's rule resulted in the same values as obtained by the summation procedure. Analysis by the suggested integral method resulted in activation energies that show a logarithmic divergence relative to the magnitude ofEa estimated directly from the DTA peaks.

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