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  • 1 Chemistry Department, Birkbeck College, University of London, Gordon House, 29 Gordon Square, WC1H OPP London
  • | 2 Conservation Department, Tate Gallery, SW1P 4RG Millbank, London UK
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The use of non-aqueous deacidification procedures as a preventive conservation measure to assist in retarding the deterioration of painting canvases has been suggested by the Conservation Department of the Tate Gallery [1]. The reverse sides of paintings are treated with commercially available MMC solution (methoxy magnesium methyl carbonate). The aim of this paper is to describe how dynamic mechanical thermal analysis can be used to evaluate the effects of this treatment. Measurements are described on modern commercially primed canvas samples [2] which show that the MMC treatment does cause an increase in the modulus or stiffness of the primed canvas materials but that the effect on theT g is minimal. The response of the treated materials to variations in relative humidity has also been studied and indications are that the response of treated canvases to variations in relative humidity differs from those of the untreated canvases.

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