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  • 1 Università di Bari Istituto di Chimica Agraria Via Amendola 165/a 70126 Bari Italy Via Amendola 165/a 70126 Bari Italy
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Differential Scanning Calorimetry combined with Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, was applied to the study of a number of fulvic and humic acids extracted from soils, peat, river and seawater. The thermal patterns obtained were related to the nature and origin of samples. The low-temperature endotherms were attributed to dehydration and loss of peripheral polysaccharide chains. The endotherm at 250°C observed for soil FA was ascribed to partial decarboxylation of more labile surface COOH groups, whereas the high-temperature exotherms at about 500°C were related to the degree of polycondensation of the aromatic network of the humic molecules.

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