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  • 1 Wuhan University Department of Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Environment Science Wuhan 430072 P. R. China Wuhan 430072 P. R. China
  • 2 Wuhan University of Technology School of Material Science and Engineering Wuhan 430070 P. R. China Wuhan 430070 P. R. China
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The action of three kinds of the selenomorpholine compounds on a strain ofEscherichia coli was studied by microcalorimetry. Differences in their capacities to affect the metabolism of this bacterium were observed. The extent and duration of the effect on the metabolism as judged from the rate constant (k) of Escherichia coli (in log phase) varied with the different drugs. The kinetics show that selenomorpholine compounds had an effect on the metabolism process of Escherichia coli. The k of Escherichia coli in the presence of the drugs increased with the increasing concentrations of the drugs (C) at low concentration; but at high concentration, the rate constant decreased with the increasing concentrations of the drugs. The experimental results reveal that the sequence of antibiotic activity of selenomorpholines is: N-selenomorpholinemethyl succinimide and its hydrochloride>N-(α-selenomorpholinebenzyl) succinimide.