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  • 1 Hebei ormal University Experimental Center Shijiazhuang 050016 P.R. China Shijiazhuang 050016 P.R. China
  • | 2 Hebei Normal University College of Chemistry Shijiazhuang 050091 P.R. China Shijiazhuang 050091 P.R. China
  • | 3 Hebei University of Science and Technology College of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering Shijiazhuang 050018 P.R. China Shijiazhuang 050018 P.R. China
  • | 4 Hebei Teachers College of Science and Technology Department of Computer Qinhuangdao 066600 P.R. China Qinhuangdao 066600 P.R. China
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The complex of [Tb2(p-ClBA)6(PHEN)2] [(p-ClBA: p-chlorobenzoate and PHEN: 1,10-phenanthroline) was prepared and characterized by elemental analysis and IR spectroscopy. The thermal behavior of [Tb2(p-ClBA)6(PHEN)2] in dynamic nitrogen atmosphere was investigated by TG-DTG, SEM and IR techniques. By the kinetic method of processing thermal analysis data put forward by Malek et al., it is defined that the kinetic model for the first-step thermal decomposition is SB(m,n). The activation energy E and the pre-exponential factor lnA for this step reaction are 164 kJ mol-1 and 32.80, respectively. The lifetime equation at mass loss of 10% was deduced as lnτ=(-33.0569+20512.36/T by isothermal thermogravimetric analysis.