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  • 1 University of Technology, Sydney Centre for Built Infrastructure Research PO Box 123 Broadway SW 2007 Australia
  • 2 Perlco Pty Ltd. Suite 701, Level 7, 121 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia
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Thermogravimetric (TG) analysis was applied to the characterisation of the pozzolanic reaction in mortars containing the supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) pitchstone fines (PF) and fly ash (FA) as partial replacements for Portland cement (PC). TG analysis was used to determine the proportion of calcium hydroxide (CH) present from the hydration of the PC based on the dehydroxylation of the CH present in the blended PC-SCM mortars. The consumption of CH indicated that both SCMs underwent the pozzolanic reaction and that PF was found to compare favourably in its pozzolanic reactivity of FA, the industry and globally accepted standard artificial pozzolan.