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  • 1 Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Information Science and Scientometrics Research Unit P.O. Box 7 1361 Budapest (Hungary) P.O. Box 7 1361 Budapest (Hungary)
  • | 2 L. Eötvös University Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry P.O. Box 123 1443 Budapest (Hungary) P.O. Box 123 1443 Budapest (Hungary)
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The medical research output of eleven mid-size countries were compared with the aid of scientometric indicators. Papers published by clinical medicine journals and those of professors working at clinical faculties were used for comparison. The professors proved to be more productive authors than average scientists of the same country, but no particular eminence of the professors could be revealed. A correlation was found between the quality of clinical medicine papers (as reflected by their relative citation rate) and the infant mortality of the countries in question.