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  • 1 Zhejiang University School of Medicine Medical Information Center Hangzhou 310058 China
  • 2 Industrial Sciences and Technology KHBO (Association K.U.Leuven) Zeedijk 101 B-8400 Oostende Belgium
  • 3 K. U. Leuven Steunpunt O&O Indicatoren and Dept. MSI Leuven Belgium
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In this study, a series of relative indicators are used to compare the difference in research performance in biomedical fields between ten selected Western and Asian countries. Based on Thomson’s Essential Science Indicators (ESI) 1996–2006, the output of papers and their citations in ten biomedical fields are compared at multiple levels using relative indicators. Chart diagrams and hierarchical clustering are applied to represent the data. The results confirm that there are many differences in intra- and interdisciplinary scientific activities between the West and the East. In most biomedical fields Asian countries perform below world average.