Acta Historiae Artium

Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae


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The journal presents papers on history of art extending from the Middle Ages to contemporary art. Includes critical analyses of Hungarian and international research publications in the appropriate field. Publishes book reviews and advertisements.

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Restricted access

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  • Scimago Journal Rank (2017): 0.191
  • SJR Hirsch-Index (2017): 3
  • SJR Quartile Score (2017): Q1 Visual Arts and Performing Arts
  • SJR Quartile Score (2017): Q2 History
  • SJR Quartile Score (2017): Q2 Cultural Studies

Senior editors

Editor-in-Chief: Lővei, Pál

Editorial Board

      Galavics, Géza
      Kovalovszky, Márta
      Lővei, Pál
      Rózsa, György
      Sisa, József
      Urbach, Zsuzsa
      Végh, János

Acta Historiae Artium
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Language: English, French, German, Italian

Founded in 1953
Publication: One volume annually
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  • Historical Abstracts
  • International Bibliographies IBZ and IBR


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