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  • 1 University of Žilina, Univerzitná 1, 010 26 Žilina, Slovakia
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Urban density and its impact on the availability of daylight and direct sunlight in a residential building. The light comfort in the living spaces and the insolation of flats, the requirements. Influence of outdoor light intensity on the intensity of daylighting in the living spaces. Dimensional, shape, and layout solution of a residential building in the area with extremely high external shading by surrounding development – a case study.

  • [1]

    Regulation No. 259/2008 of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic on the detail requirements for the indoor environment in buildings and the minimal requirements for lower-standard apartments and accommodation facilities as amended by Regulations No. 210/2016 Coll. and No. 124/2017 Coll.

  • [2]

    STN 73 05 80 - 1 and 2 Daylighting in Buildings.

  • [3]

    Iringová A. Light-technical opinion of the apartment building, Peaceful Square, Malacky – architectural design by the studio Building Constructions, Nitová Street, Bratislava.

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  • [4]

    Katunský D. , Dolníková E., Doroudiani S. (2017), Integrated lighting efficiency analysis in large industrial buildings to enhance indoor environmental quality. Buildings; 7(2), 120.

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  • [5]

    Hraška J. (2006), Dynamic simulations of daylighting in buildings. Heating, Ventilation, Installations, 4.

  • [6]

    Darula S. , Kittler R. (2002), CIE general sky standard defining luminance distributions, Conference: Proc. Conf. eSim 2002. The Canadian conference on building energy simulation.

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