Evolution, Mind and Behaviour
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Published as the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology (Print ISSN: 1789-2082; Online ISSN: 2060-5587), volume 5 (2007) – volume 12 (2014);

and as the Journal of Cultural and Evolutionary Psychology (Print ISSN: 1589-5254; Online ISSN: 1589-7397), volume 1 (2003) – volume 4 (2006)

Evolution, Mind and Behaviour is an Open Access, Online Only journal. For details please see the Instructions for Authors below. Former title: Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.

Evolution, Mind and Behaviour publishes manuscripts which focus upon the application of evolutionary theory to the human behavioural sciences. The journal publishes both empirical and theoretical manuscripts from scholars across a range of disciplines including psychology, anthropology, and human behavioural ecology.

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Editor(s)-in-Chief: Gayle Brewer

Editor(s): Lisa DeBruine

Editor(s): Clark Barrett

Review editor(s): Sandra Virgo

Editorial Board

  • Oliver Curry
  • David Coall
  • Robin Dunbar
  • Andrew Dunn
  • Jiaqing O
  • Michael Price
  • Michel Raymond
  • Martin Tovee


Advisory Board

  • Tamas Bereczkei
  • Csaba Pleh
  • Rob Kurzban
  • Brooke Scelza
  • Steven Pinker
  • Bruce Ellis
  • Mark Flinn
  • Michael Tomasello
  • Daniel Fessler
  • James Chisholm

Language: English

Founded in 2002
Publication: One volume annually
Publication Programme: 2020. Vol. 18.

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