Pollack Periodica
An International Journal for Engineering and Information Sciences

Pollack Periodica is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that provides an international forum for the presentation, discussion and dissemination of the latest advances and developments in engineering and informatics.

Pollack Periodica invites papers reporting new research and applications from a wide range of discipline, including civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental, earthquake, material and information engineering.The journal aims at reaching a wider audience, not only researchers, but also those likely to be most affected by research results, for example designers, fabricators, specialists, developers, computer scientists managers in academic, governmental and industrial communities.

The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to the following scientific fields: * numerical analysis and simulation of engineering structures and systems; * design theory of structures; * fluid-structure and soil-structure interaction analysis; * experimental techniques; * material modelling, composite materials; * computer-aided design and methodology; * sensitivity and optimisation methods; * probabilistic approaches; * advanced or innovative applications of computers to practical engineering problem; * software engineering and related hardware/software systems issues; * expert and intelligent systems applied in industry and governments. The journal publishes original research papers dealing with all aspects of systems and structures of engineering and information sciences, including theoretical and experimental research. Papers presenting research findings in a form suitable for practical use or papers by designers and fabricators dealing with issues bearing directly on research are especially welcome. Papers reporting work in progress will also be included provided the long-term practical implications of the research are evident.

The journal will also present technical notes, book reviews, state-of-the-art surveys and educational articles of general value to the field. Occasionally, special issues are devoted to topics of particular interest; proposals for such issues are also invited.

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Senior editors

Editor(s)-in-Chief: Iványi, Amália

Editor(s)-in-Chief: Iványi, Péter

Scientific Secretary

Miklós M. Iványi

Editorial Board

  • B. Bachmann (Hungary)
  • J. Balogh (USA)
  • R. Bancila (Romania)
  • C.C. Baniotopolous (Greece)
  • O. Biro (Austria)
  • Á. Borsos (Hungary)
  • M. Bruggi (Italy)
  • J. Bujňák (Slovakia)
  • A. Csébfalvi (Hungary)
  • M. Devetakovic (Serbia)
  • Sz. Fischer (Hungary)
  • R. Folic (Serbia)
  • J. Frankovská (Slovakia)
  • J. Füzi† (Hungary)
  • J. Gyergyák (Hungary)
  • K. Hamayer (Germany)
  • E. Helerea (Romania)
  • Á. Hutter (Hungary)
  • K. Jármai (Hungary)
  • T.J. Kajtazi (Kosovo)
  • R. Kersner (Hungary)
  • R. Kiss (Hungary)
  • I. Kistelegdi (Hungary)
  • S. Kmet (Slovakia)
  • I. Kocsis (Hungary)
  • L. Kóczy (Hungary)
  • D. Kozak (Croatia)
  • Gy.L. Kovács (Hungary)
  • B.G. Kövesdi (Hungary)
  • T. Krejči (Czech Republic)
  • J. Kruis (Czech Republic)
  • M. Kuczmann (Hungary)
  • T. Kukai (Hungary)
  • M.J. Lamela Rey (Spain)
  • J. Lógó (Hungary)
  • C. Lungoci (Romania)
  • F. Magoules (France)
  • G. Medvegy (Hungary)
  • T. Molnár (Hungary)
  • F. Orbán (Hungary)
  • Z. Orbán (Hungary)
  • D. Rachinskii (Ireland)
  • C.H. Radha (Iraq)
  • M. Repetto (Italy)
  • G. Sierpiński (Poland)
  • Z. Siménfalvi (Hungary)
  • A. Šoltész (Slovakia)
  • Zs. Szabo (Hungary)
  • M. Sysyn (Germany)
  • A. Timár (Hungary)
  • B.H.V. Topping (UK)

Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering
Institute: University of Pécs
Address: Boszorkány utca 2. H–7624 Pécs, Hungary
Phone/Fax: (36 72) 503 650

E-mail: ivanyi.peter@pmmik.pte.hu 

or ivanyi@pmmik.pte.hu

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Journal Rank
Quartile Score
Civil and Structural Engineering Q3
Computer Science Applications Q3
Materials Science (miscellaneous) Q3
Modeling and Simulation Q3
Software Q3
Cite Score
Cite Score Rank
Civil and Structural Engineering 206/310 (Q3)
Computer Science Applications 445/636 (Q3)
General Materials Science 295/460 (Q3)
Modeling and Simulation 212/274 (Q4)
Software 304/373 (Q4)


Language: English

Founded in 2006, by the Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, Unversity of Pécs
Publication: One volume of three issues annually
Publication Programme: 2020. Vol. 15.

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